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See our Free course on UK Air law
(Article's 94 and 95)
and Where can you fly


A full course leading to a UK Civil Aviation Authority Permission for Commercial Operation AKA ‘Drone Licence’.

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Thermal Imaging

A course covering all aspects of thermal imaging from the choice of cameras through to operation and data collection.

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Telecom Tower Inspection

An online course covering all aspects of Telecom tower inspection, including equipment, planning, hazards etc.

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Where can I fly?

Confused? Not sure where to fly your new drone? Learn here what you should know

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Drone Scholar M210 RTK operating

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Drone Management Software Suite


A CAA Approved NQE

CAA Drone Registration

Legal Requirement to Register as Drone Operator and remote pilot, Register once only not per drone

Drone Safe Website

UK Drone safe website with airfield restrictions

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