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A full course leading to a UK Civil Aviation Authority Permission for Commercial Operation AKA 'Drone Licence'.

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Thermal Imaging

A course covering all aspects of thermal imaging from the choice of cameras through to operation and data collection.

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Telecom Tower Inspection

An online course covering all aspects of Telecom tower inspection, including equipment, planning, hazards etc.

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Where can I fly?

Confused? Not sure where to fly your new drone? Learn here what you should know

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What Our Students Have to Say

Enjoyed the fee course on airlaw and where I can fly my drone.
Great online course and supporting files for the OSC course
OSC course was a great help and the template provided has given me some great ideas and helped me understand what I need to do for volume 3 and better than paying someone 900 pounds for the same thing.
learned a lot from the free course where can I fly my drone

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